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Five Acres is now available for free online

Five Acres is a documentary film that explores the history and significance of a small urban farm in a rapidly developing area of Nanaimo. The Five Acre Farm in Harewood has a long history of producing local food.   [read more]

Foodshare Solar Demonstration project

This is a short video I produced to help promote the Nanaimo Foodshare Solar demonstration site.   [read more]

Investor State and the TPP

I have been working on a film about Investor State Dispute Settlement provisions in trade agreements. As part of my research, I did some reading of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement and criticism of the agreement. This is my short analysis of the TPP.   [read more]

El Salvador vs Investor State

Thank you to everyone who supported my participation in the international delegation to El Salvador. The following is an article published in   [read more]

Voices of the River - DVD for Schools

In 2014, every school in the Nanaimo-Ladysmith school district received a free DVD copy of ‘ Voices of the River’, a documentary film about the Nanaimo River watershed produced by Paul Manly and Manly Media. The donation was made possible through a generous grant from the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board (VIREB) and an in-kind contribution from Manly Media.   [read more]

Voices of the River - Online release

‘Voices of the River’ is a 46 minute film that explores the historic and contemporary uses and values of the Nanaimo River watershed.   [read more]

On the road… to find out

On the Road to Find Out explores issues related to the relocation of people with mental illness from smaller communities to larger centers in order to access mental health services. The film profiles three people: Martin, Gail, and Mark; each with a unique story and perspective.   [read more]

Troubled Water - online release!

Water is largely taken for granted by consumers but it’s becoming “blue gold” in the 21st century. Troubled Water examines the threats to public water systems and watersheds using the East Coast of Vancouver Island as a case study   [read more]

Shawnigan Lake - No Contaminated Soil Dump!

This short video describes the situation with a proposed contaminated soil site in a quarry in the headwaters of the Shawnigan Lake watershed. The lake provides drinking water for over 7,000 people and any leeching of the toxic materials from the site will contaminate the lake and destroy the drinking water source.   [read more]

Troubled Water - release

Troubled Water examines the threats to public water systems and watersheds on Vancouver Island. Privatization, Public Private Partnerships (P3’s), privately owned community watersheds, vulnerable aquifers, ground water contamination and international trade agreements all threaten to further undermine the safety and security of public water systems, public ownership and the fundamental human right to access clean drinking water.   [read more]

Voices of the River - Film Premiere & After Party

‘Voices of the River’, a 45 minute documentary film about the Nanaimo River watershed will premiere at Nanaimo Centre Stage, 25 Victoria Rd., Nanaimo, on Friday September 21st with two screenings, followed by live acoustic and electric performance with local musicians featured in the sound-track.   [read more]

Be The Change TLC campaign

Manly Media has been working with The Land Conservancy (TLC) on their Be the Change campaign. The TLC works to preserve some of the special places in British Columbia.   [read more]
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