When returning to a place of childhood solace becomes a hazard, ravaged by the human print on the Earth, how do we justify human progress? Using the manipulation of the video image as a metaphor, Manly transforms serene natural settings into urban chaos in this poignant meditation on our destruction of the environment, and our feelings of powerlessness to stop it.

I made this video after a stream I played in as a child was diverted through a culvert and buried under tons of gravel. At the time I was living in Vancouver, a city with fifty three once prolific salmon streams now buried in culverts under tons of gravel, concrete and asphalt. Do you want to hear the sound of the rushing stream? Find your nearest storm sewer drain!
Produced, Directed and Edited by Paul Manly
Sound-design and videography by Paul Manly

Distributed by V-tape and Video Out
V-Tape CODE: 079.00
Video Out Accession Number: 2315
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