11 Minutes. 1993
A lighthearted spoof/fantasy/response to the backlash against gender neutral /inclusive language.

Have you ever asked?

“Why do women get paid less than men?”

“Do feminists have a sense of humour?”

“Where does coffee come from?”

“When will the world end?”

“Does the Empress wear any clothes?”

“Does the Bible have an answer?”

Find The Answers in Ur-Analysis

“Everyone knows that ‘man’ means men and women too”. This tape explores what happens when a group of women raid the men’s washroom. From the boardroom to the bathroom, Ur-analysis takes a light-hearted yet biting look at the use of gender-based language, and the 90’s backlash against feminism.

Produced, Directed by Eva Manly
Director of Photography and editor: Paul Manly

Distributed by V-tape and Video Out
V-Tape CODE: 238.04
Video Out Accession Number: 1929
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